Multi-parametric monitoring is now available with eCelsius Performance

The perfect combo to get a multiparametric monitoring: the use of eCelsiusperformance 💊 designed by BodyCAP & the eq02+ LifeMonitor from Equivital simultaneously. This new soltuion is now available, do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Let’s get more and more data ! 📈 #physiology #PhD #humanresearch

Renewal of our ISO certifications

The beginning of this new year is synonymous with good news for BodyCAP! BodyCAP is ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 13485 : 2016 certified againTrue pillars for our business, these certifications are the recognition of the involvement and know-how of an entire team.They reinforce our commitment to continually satisfy our customers and partners.

A new configuration to be tested via VivoSense® software

Data collected via our eCelsius Performance® system can be now included & analysed via VivoSense® software. VivoSense developed a regulatory compliant, cloud-based platform for the analysis of data from any wearable sensor or combination of sensors (Activity, ECG, Respiratory…) A new configuration to be tested…. More details, here :

An ingestible and accurate thermometer

Taking temp is one of the diagnosis tools for #COVID19 #coronavirus Main advantages : Continuous follow-up at home or during hospitalization, Real-time temperature Minimizing transmission risk for medical staff & family -> avoid contact Better recovery for patients Ease to use, wireless This system is currently used in many fields : sports, research, military fields. […]

New release for BodyCap solutions

You have the habit to use eCelsius Performance in the frame of your projects, studies involving core temperature data collection ? Congratulations, it is a very good choice ! 🏅 👍 Our R&D department is continuously working to offer you a system more and more reliable and accurate. That’s why we are pleased to inform […]

The importance of using an ingestible pill near febrile patients

[PYREXIA 🤒🌡️💊] The importance of using an ingestible pill near febrile patients Watch this video of IHU-France with Philippe Brouqui : or read the publication : #febrilepatient #bodytemperaturemeasurement #covid19