Automatic and ambulatory
sleep recording and analysis device

Automatic and ambulatory sleep recording and analysis device

Product designed by the Sleep Compagny Somno-Art® device allows the analysis of all sleep parameters and the hypnogram of the night, ambulatory and automatically. It is the missing link in sleep offers.

The Somno-Art® consists of two distinct devices:

an electronic armband (Somno-Art® device), collecting data in real life conditions and,

- an automatic analysis software (Somno-Art® software), based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms

The “Somno-Art® Device” is an electronic armband that is worn on the forearm and records the heart rate and movements of the sleeper. The device is designed to be comfortable and as imperceptible as possible during sleep; it leaves the sleeper free to these movements. The armband is provided with its companion software (PC and MAC compatible) to be configured and to download the recording files at the end of the experimentation.

The “Somno-Art® Software” is accessible from a web platform. A simple and secure access allows to download the night recordings for an automatic data analysis. The results are then systematically reviewed by an expert to validate the consistency of the analysis. The user receives in return a complete analysis of all the sleep parameters and the corresponding hypnogram, in different formats, at the user’s request.

Key figures

Somno-Art® Device :

  • Armband size: L = 22cm, W = 15/11cm + strap (One unique size)
  • Autonomy: 35h
  • Memory capacity: 60 nights of 8 hours
  • Heart rate measurement: By plethysmography
  • Movement measurement: 3-axis accelerometer (250Hz)
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth technology
  • Total weight: 100g
  • Lifespan: 3 years
  • Textile cleaning: machine
  • Cleaning of the electronic box: disinfectant wipe

Key benefits

Developed by teams specializing in sleep and signal analysis, Somno-Art® completes the offer currently available to clinicians and researchers by guaranteeing reliable and unconstrained analysis of sleep. The different added values of the solution lie in:

scientifically validated results equivalent to polysomnography, the gold standard for sleep analysis,

an electronic armband specifically designed for comfortable and regular use in laboratory or at home; the recording of the night is performed without any wire constraints and with a minimum space requirement so as not to interfere with the quality of sleep,

automatic, reliable and reproducible data analysis ensuring significant time savings in the data processing phase,

an economically viable solution that perfectly fits with the economic constraints of public and private research.

Somno-Art® device weared

Extract of result with the software

Various applications:

Clinical and basic research

The Somno-Art® device was designed to optimize the measurement and analysis of the sleep architecture within ever more ambitious research protocols,

Sleeping troubles

The ease of use of the Somno-Art® device allows a quick access to a detailed analysis of the subject’s sleep quality. By replacing polysomnography, Somno-Art® eliminates the technical constraints of the measurement and offers a reliable and accessible alternative for the analysis of sleep: no electrode placement or prior preparation of the subject.


The analysis of sleep and its architecture is a key marker in chronobiological studies. The Somno-Art® device offers the opportunity to consolidate your circadian data through reliable sleep analysis, without technical expertise or additional hospital costs.

Sport performance

The quality and quantity of sleep are critical in the key phases of training or at the approach of major competitions: jet lag, over-training, … The Somno-Art® solution finally allows technical staff to access easily to the collection and interpretation of sleep characteristics in any situation, on the move or at home.

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