Solution for reliable and accurate
actimetry monitoring

Solution for reliable and accurate actimetry monitoring

Actimetry allows the fine analysis of physical activity to better understand the segmentation of the sleep/wake rhythm and the sleep quality of the subject in the context of sleep disorders, to control the implementation of an adapted physical activity program, to monitor subjects suffering from chronic disease, etc.

Integrating a 3D accelerometer, the eTact patch collects the subject’s activities and gives access to a skin temperature indicator.

The solution collects actimetric data using the TAT (Time Above Threshold) method. This method is the most commonly used in actimetry; it is based on the sum of the predefined acceleration threshold overruns over a given period. Once the data download from the patch, each value will allow the creation of an histogram / actogram. The eTact® electronic device is rechargeable and reusable.

The eTact solution is composed of:

A patch;

A PC/MAC software eTact Watcher dedicated to the eTact patch configuration and data downloading;

A dedicated USB cable allowing data transfer and power supply;

A data analysis tool eTact Analysis allowing to estimate daytime activities and sleep quality of the subject through indicators calculation.

Depending on the use, the patch should be worn on the non-dominant wrist using a dedicated bracelet or fixed using a suitable bandage to any other part of the body. The data collected are directly stored in the internal memory of the patch. The battery autonomy of the patch is around 5-6 days, depending on the configuration used, but it can be recharged successively without the need to download the data stored.

Key figures

eTact system:

  • Size: W 37mm /  L 41 mm / H 7mm
  • Weight: ≈ 9g
  • Sampling period for temperature measurement:
    from 30sec to 30min
  • Sampling period for activity measurement:
    from 30sec to 30min
  • Skin temperature indication: 10°C – 45°C
  • Autonomy: 5-6 days (depending on configuration)
  • Recharge time: 2h
  • Storage: 7 months

Key benefits

Direct access to raw data

Ease of use and comfort

Customizable patch configuration

Patch positioning chosen according to use

Cost effective solution

Etact patch


eTact patch

Various applications: research, therapeutical education, sleep, …

Actimetry tracking using the eTact solution may be relevant in many use cases: analysis of sleep disorders,
monitoring of functional rehabilitation programs, monitoring of an adapted physical activity program, chronobiology study, …

Sleep disorders

Worn on the non-dominant wrist, the analysis of the actimetric data makes possible to pre-evaluate several indicators of the sleep quality (sleep time, sleep latency, WASO score, number of night awakenings, …).

Adapted physical activity program /
functional rehabilitation program

With frail people populations (elderly people, subjects suffering chronic diseases, subject in post-operative rehabilitation program, etc.), the eTact actimetric monitoring solution allows: a detailed pre-evaluation of the level of activity of the person, their sleep/wake rhythms, the workloads adaptation and an accurate monitoring of short, medium and long term results of the implemented program, objectification of the feedback provided to the subjects.

Clinical / basic research

The eTact device was developed with the main goal of facilitating the actimetric monitoring of subjects in research protocols for: sleep / wake rhythm analysis, sleep quality pre-evaluation, physical activity load assessment, …


In the context of the detection of hyperactivity in children or in babies suffering from neonatal withdrawal syndrome, the eTact solution allows to detect a decrease in infant activity, a precursor to weaning effectiveness.

For more details on use cases, do not hesitate to consult the brochure

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