BodyCAP aims to produce miniaturized, reliable and accurate physiological monitoring solutions and bring it to physiologist and key players in medical care


Born out of a meeting between the research in human physiology and microelectronics, BodyCAP was founded in 2012 in Caen, in Normandy.

At this time, it was recognized that major advances in the fields of electronic sensors miniaturization and wireless communication protocols were not fully exploited for health people monitoring. The company thus focused its activity on the development of miniaturized sensors making possible to facilitate physiological status monitoring. 

The target applications are integrated both in the health sector and in the fields of research, high performance sport and military. 

Throughout its development, the company has relied on its network of external international experts to scientifically validate the use and effectiveness of its solutions. BodyCAP is now recognized for the quality of its monitoring solutions and its customer service.


The company combines skills for the development of communicating sensors, the industrialization of complete monitoring solutions, their distribution and customer support.
All of this as a part of a proven quality system.

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Our missions

Provider of innovative solutions

We are convinced in the necessity to develop innovative monitoring solutions suitable for new healthcare and research practices.

The quality in the data

Practitioners, researchers and high-level trainers have the same requirement: the collection of accurate and reliable data in the aim of minimizing the associated constraints.

Open mind, not “open source”

We guarantee our customers full ownership of the data they collect; these cannot, under any circumstances, be retrieved and used by us or a third party.

Company’s values


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